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Blink Challenges -  Try Something New

Week 1 "The Biggest Minion"


1st Place - 40 Packs

2nd Place -15 Packs

3rd Place - 7 Packs

Crowd Favorite - 15 Packs


Take our weekly challenge

Play Hearthstone  - Be Creative - Win Big

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Blink challenges are for everyone. Try something new, have fun and get a chance to win prizes. 

Each week we challenge you to create the most exciting "Blinks" you can. Each challenge is different and we setup the rules so that anyone can win and everyone can have fun


Join our Facebook group and share your blinks.


Check out the details below and get Blinking!!!


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Challenge #1 - The Biggest Minion

Create the biggest baddest minion you can.



  • The size of a minion is calculated as the sum of the attack and health

  • The Minion must be in play

  • Be creative - Only one prize per deck type

  • Must be Ranked (Standard / Wild) or Arena

  • Creativity, Play Mode and Rank count 



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