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Want to create your own 

Hearthstone clips on mobile?

The Blink app is just for you!



we'll create

Relive your magic moments

Share them with friends

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Start creating your own Hearthstone clips

Quastions and Answers

What device do I need?

Currently you can install the Blink app if you have an Android device only. We're working on iOS app as well, but It's not available yet. 

Does it cost money? 

No. Blink app is completely free. 

How does it work?

Every time you tap the Keep button, we'll save your last move, detect your highlights automatically and create a cool clip for you.

Can I tap Keep more than once in a game?

Yes, sure, you can tap Keep as much as you like during your game and save all your favorite moments.

What will you do with my clips?

Your clips will be available on Blink app. You then can share them your friends and the world.


What if I have more questions? 

You can contact us by email at or on our Facebook page here

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