Is an esports layer on top of the games you play 


Join exciting challenges or even create your own

Compete for prizes or for fun while climbing up leaderboards ​


PUBG Mobile Challenges Samples:

“Headshot Champ” - Most headshots in a game wins

“Most Kills” Leaderboard 

“Fastest Kill” - shortest time to first kill wins

and many more…

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Anti cheat/fraud

we record the gameplay around major game events for later auditing

How Does It Work

Challenges mobile app is running in the background while you play your game and uses machine vision AI in order to track game events such as kills, knocks, start/end round, win/loss and many more. Challenges does all of that without affecting your gaming performance. Challenges enables anyone to create his own challenges using a very simple to use step by step wizard.


Machine vision AI

our machine vision AI algorithms run in the background while the game is running and detects all major game events.


Player Matching

In order to guarantee fair competitions we use the game ranking system for matching players


Highlight clips

We can optionally create a clip with your top highlights so you can share it with the community



We use top class payments service providers to ensure secure and safe payments


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