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Blink enhances the social experience for gamers and streamers, by  automatically detecting defining moments in a game, saving them, and programmatically making them into engaging, shareable stories.


Blink  enables every gamer to share their priceless moments with the world and drives engagement and traffic to streams and events for the pros.


Social Sharing for Gamers

Using advanced, automated editing techniques Blink's "AI Editor" creates compelling stories from priceless moments based on contextual analysis. Blink democratizes  content creation for gamers of all levels and answers their deep psychological need to share their achievements with the world

Gamer plays a game on any device

AI detects highlights and creates personal stories

Video stories are shared to any platform

Powerful Tools for Streamers

Blink brings traditional sports broadcast techniques to live streaming. 

Our unique "AI Producer" automatically selects the best action from a team or group of players and creates clips that show the action from multiple perspectives.

Clips created can be distributed in real time to drive more viewers and subscribers to a stream or event

Streamers stream to Blink server

AI creates relevant realtime clips based on stats and context

Clips delivered for streamers to use on live or VOD platforms


About Blink

Exciting Market




2018 from League of Legends




per month for Fortnite


2019 Revenue


Revenue from Mobile

Super Smart

Blink is a platform that lets every gamer share their stories with the world

Making Stories From Highlights

Detection AI detects best moments

Storytelling AI maps highlights to narratives

Real-time content to  promote streams and events

Automated content creation

Unlimited Content

Constant content for social sharing

Blink API available for 3rd party apps

API Integration for Partners


Core Team

Yair Shapira

PhD Founder - CEO

Ronen Shoval

Yehuda Elmaliach

Yair Shapira

Founder - CSO

Yair Shapira


Eduardo Shoval

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Gavin Goodvach

Gavin Goodvach

VP Biz Dev

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Ronen Shoval

Yehuda Elmaliach




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